IIED Make Change Happen Podcast: The A Factor: Accountability for Locally-Led Adaptation, available here

Adaptation and Eco-Anxiety, Cumblerland Lodge youth perspectives session

Upcoming / 2022

January: Panellist: Journal Editor Roundtable, Sustainability and Development Conference, January 2022 [online]

March: Panellist: Climate vulnerability, justice and legitimacy in global governance Panel, International Studies Association annual conference [online]

March: Speaker on the IPCC WGII report, Global Forum on the Environment and Climate Change, OECD/IEA Climate Change Expert Group (CCXG) [online]

March: European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA) annual meeting [Brussels] 

July: Keynote Speaker: ‘Religion in an unstable world: challenges, transformations and future prospects’, [Groningen]

August: Keynote Speaker: Swedish Development Research Conference: Transforming Development Research for Sustainability [Uppsala]


9 December: Climate Change and Climate Crisis, University of Vienna

30 November: Lecture in Social Life of Climate Change series (London School of Economics)

11 October: IPCC Panel, Oxford Climate Society, video available here

5 October: ‘Why vulnerability to climate change matters’ Climate Change and Security training course, ESDC, adelphi, IHEDN [closed]

30 September: Exchange Forum on Climate Change Adaptation, GIZ [closed]

29 September: Why is maladaptation such an important concept?’ B3C Seminar, available here

17 September: Lecture for elective Resilience and Sustainable Development at LUMES (Lund) (closed)

27 July: Chatham House Leadership Programme (closed)

20 July: Evidence for Action Symposium: Locally-led Adaptation panel with IIED and ICCCAD

28 June: Lecture for ICCCAD

16 June: Panellist, IRDR Humanitarian Summit (University College London)

4 June: Lecture, Global Challenges in Transport series (Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford) (closed)

21 May: TSITICA Webinar (University of Cape Town) – (open)

25 March: ‘Is a Green Recovery Inherently Fair?’, launch of Green Recovery Now, Oxford University student organisation.

22 March: ‘When Waters Speak Valuing Water Through Art and Science’, session ‘Scientific Panel’, organised by the Global Network of Water Museums for World Water Day 2021

16 March: Climate Futures: Youth Perspectives Conference, session: ‘Adaptation & Eco-anxiety’, Cumberland Lodge conference

16 February: Understanding the influence of climate change on Justice and Home Affairs, session: ‘Climate change and the security of women and children’, European Border and Coast Guard Agency FRONTEX

11 February: Discussant, Podcast ‘Dieu n’était pas endormi à la barre. Quand la ville brûle, l’église évangéliste devient force politique


19 November: Panellist ‘Female Leaders in the Climate Movement’ Panel organised by Rhodes Women and Gender Minorities and the Rhodes Environment and Climate Action Hub

24 September: Panellist: ‘Researching resilience during the COVID-19 Pandemic,’ Seminar on the GCRF Resilience theme

28 April: Panellist: ‘Aid in times of a changing climate’, Seminar on Swedish CCI evaluation outcome, EBA:

6 March 2020: Speaker: ‘Political Ecology of Gender in the Climate Crisis’, Oxford Feminist Thinking Seminars, University of Oxford

4 March 2020: Panellist: #FridaysForFuture & Extinction Rebellion: How should the Scientific Community engage?, University of Oxford

17 February 2020: Panellist: Climate Resilience, Water Security and Development workshop, University of Oxford

17 February: Panellist: ‘Women & Climate Change: the forgotten solution’, UN Women Oxford